From Within the Inferno - California Wildfires

November 11, 2018

From Within the Inferno - California Wildfires

We are writing this in astonishment of the tragic wildfires in California, where our our owner has family that was personally affected and flew there to see the response firsthand.  Wildfires, like many disasters, spring up from nowhere and force immediate action due to the sheer rapidity of their destructive power.  They also offer many important lessons in preparedness:

Have a plan and ensure your whole family knows knows it- including children and seniors.  We recently received an email from a ReadyNation member encouraging us to include more content regarding preparedness for seniors, and these disasters are a stark reminder. 

Chances are your family will be spread out when disaster strikes - yours kids at school, your spouse at home or their place of work, and nearby family at their own homes or care facilities.  Everyone needs to know how, when, and where to link up before a disaster strikes.  Cellular networks are unreliable in an emergency.  Who picks the kids up from their school? Where do you go after that? Do you have a go-bag in each of your cars?

These wildfires often allow for only minutes of time before an evacuation, and many people never had the chance to get home because the fires were sparked during the day while they were at work.  If you live in a wildfire-prone area, strongly consider purchasing a fire-proof safe or fire-proof document bags to keep your important documents safe at home.  Also consider an escape mask - we saw videos of people speeding through smoke and fire filled streets trying to get to safety.  We sold out of both our document pouches and escape masks, but expect them to be back in stock soon.  We also offer a full thermal fire protection suit for the most dire of circumstances.

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