Full-Size Fixed-Blade Survival/Hunting Knife with Sheath - Straight and Half-Serrated Blade Options

No survival kit or go bag is complete without a high quality and full-sized survival/hunting knife.  Let's face it - sometimes the multitool blade is just too small or flimsy, and so you need something more substantial and durable.  This knife is identical to brand name knives that cost more than twice as much, but we've put this one through field trials and it's impressed us enough to put in our Essentials Collection.  At 7" overall length and a 4" blade, it's big enough for nearly any job but won't weigh you down or take up too much space - exactly what we like for survival kits.  We include a handy and durable belt sheath for safety, carrying, and storage.  It's razor-sharp blade is rust proof, and comes in two options:  Straight or Half-Serrated.

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