Readiness Check - Are you ready for an unexpected disaster or emergency?

The Ready Nation Readiness Check will help you to determine your level of preparedness for an emergency or disaster that renders basic services unavailable.  Here, we will help you objectively evaluate your readiness to see where your strengths are and where you can improve.  While we recognize that everyone's situation differs, there are a few essentials that are a must no matter where you are.  If you have not already visited's "Make a Plan" Page, head there now (this will open a new window), and we strongly recommend downloading's free "Are You Ready?" Guide.  In addition to what is listed at, let's walk through a simple Ready Nation checklist.

The first 72 hours (3 days) after a disaster are critical because in most cases, imminent danger has moved on and you can regain focus from immediate survival to rebuilding your life and returning to normalcy.  However, Ready Nation extends that immediate preparedness window to a full week of food, water, supplies, and power.   Let's walk through some 

1.  Do you have a supply of at least 7 days of food stored for every member of your family?  If so, is it in a place that you could easily grab it in a hurry and take it with you if a disaster forced you to evacuate?  That's 21 meals for every member of your group. Check out our collection of Emergency Survival Nutrition products.

2.  Do you have at least 7 days of potable water for every member of your family?  We recommend a minimum of 3 gallons per person per day for storage or immediately available drinking water, or 42 gallons per member of your family or group.  That's a lot of water, and the storage amount can be reduced with proper purification gear.  Check out our collection of Emergency Water Storage and Purification products.

3.  If you had to evacuate your home in an emergency, where would you go?  Does your plan take into account a regional disaster such as a large storm, wildfire, or earthquake that will force thousands of people out of their homes?  With our Emergency Shelter products, you can set up camp wherever you need to while working on a more permanent shelter situation.  Equally important is the ability to quickly grab a pre-packed "Go-Bag" that has all of the most important Emergency Survival Essentials.

4.  When disaster strikes, more often than not it takes grid-supplied electrical power with it.  Are you prepared to keep your phone charged and shelter lit?  Can you stay warm if your heater is not working?  Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans are still without power or light, months after Hurricane Maria hit the island.  Visit our Emergency Power, Fuel, Heat, and Light collection to ensure you can power through any blackout.

5.  Make a plan!  Don't let the first time you think about how to react in an emergency or disaster situation be when the situation happens.  Check out FEMA's easy planning checksheet here.

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