Arab Shemagh Style Tactical Scarf

These are the genuine top quality Arab scarves! Enjoy contemporary style with this Arab scarf, it can be coordinated with any colour and style. These Arab scarves also known as Keffiyeh or Shemags are the traditional Arab symbol wear, born out of necessity for protection from the harsh desert conditions including sand, sun, and cold alike. This awesome looking traditional Arab scarf, known as a kafiyah, measures 110cm by 11cm. Made of woven cotton, the kafiyah It has knotted tassel ends and a soft feel. It can be worn as a head scarf or around the neck. Made of fine cotton and really comfortable to wear. 

Made from 100% cotton this scarf is the perfect winter cover up, keeping you warm while looking trendy. This scarf is naturally fresh, breathable, soft and warm. This breathable cotton fabric makes this scarf the perfect summer wrap, keeping you cool during those warmer days. This Arab Scarf is perfect for girls and guys! Features: 100% Cotton Size: 110cm x 110cm Color: Olive green & Black / Tan & Black / White & Black / Beige & Black High quality, soft & comfortable, warm & lightweight.

A great accessory for everyday wear, and the perfect gift for all occasions and seasons.

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